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We love making music! Why not get paid for it?

We love making music

When I was a teen, a group of guys would get together and hang out playing guitars, flutes, and singing some of the popular songs of the day. Whether it is in a living room, in front of a campfire, or on the beach, getting together and making music is one of life’s greatest pastimes!…

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Introducing Soli Music Net

Introducing Soli Music

Now that the groundwork has been laid for the website, I will be adding content on a regular basis to build some SEO energy for the search engines. This video is simply an introduction to the new Soli Music Net’s YouTube channel. I will be using text, videos, and audios through E-mail newsletters, social media…

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Why the TRS™ is such a lucrative program for small venues.

march 30, 2019One of the principles of the iMi is to provide performing spaces for recitals, events, and concerts. However, it occurred to me that iMi could offer the TRS™ to venues such as cafes, bars, and restaurants as well.  Why is this a compelling idea? Well, let’s say that a cafe wants to increase sales by…

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Johnny A Rockstone

The Johnny A Rockstone Band Member Identification Number and Ticket Referral Number: jar3991 Membership Level: E Prodigy (Ensemble Prodigy) Affiliate Level: Silver Website: E-mail: Click Here to Join iMi through the Johnny A Rockstone Band.

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