Why the TRS™ is such a lucrative program for small venues.

march 30, 2019
One of the principles of the iMi is to provide performing spaces for recitals, events, and concerts. However, it occurred to me that iMi could offer the TRS™ to venues such as cafes, bars, and restaurants as well. 

Why is this a compelling idea?

Well, let’s say that a cafe wants to increase sales by offering small concerts to its patrons. While the sale of goods is a one night profit and the artist earns some change as well, it is still a limited way of increasing revenue. 

If they used the TRS™ to ticket their programs, then they use the affiliate program for the rest of time to earn income. 

Let’s say a cafe creates a program and sells 25 tickets to it using TRS™ and each of those are automatically coded to that cafe. Then, not only do they earn commissions on that concert, but they will earn commissions on everything those ticket holders purchase through the TRS® system, for as long as they stay signed up. In addition, they can earn commissions even when competing venues present programs. 

Every person, or business that joins the TRS™ is eligible for commissions on everything their sponsored members purchase through the TRS™ system for life. 

There will be an app for iOS and Android where members can view their “business” and they will receive a Form 1099 each year for their taxes. 

By using this closed system for members, the venues can promote events all over the world where the TRS™ is used, creating a large membership base for their business just as each artist or individual can do for theirs. 

This way, promoting memberships in iMi through the TRS™ becomes a way to create monthly residual income while also making one time commissions from recitals, events, and concerts. Over time, this can mean significant income and serve the purpose of music for everyone.

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